Briol Twenty-Third Bladebird

Social climber


Strength 8………….(STR -1)
Dexterity 13……….(DEX +1)
Constitution 12….(CON +0)
Intelligence 9……..(INT +0)
Wisdom 15…………(WIS +1)
Charisma 16………(CHR +2)

They’re with me – When in the presence of willing allies, Briol can use their stat or circumstance bonus in her own social rolls. For example, if Lucky is standing beside her looking tough, she can use his STR bonus for her own intimidate checks.
Small, fast, and nimble – If Briol spends the round doing nothing but trying not to get hit, her effective armor is ‘+2’ if she is not wearing armor or ‘+1’ if she is wearing light armor. She cannot use this move while using heavy armor.
Met the type before – Briol has met lots of people from all over the place and gotten them to tell her all about themselves. When rolling to see if she knows information about cultures, places, or occupations, Briol can use CHR instead of INT.
A fine specimen – Briol knows how to sell. Any object or person she talks up automatically gains the “Quality” tag. This does not obscure defects – it just makes the positive aspects stand out more.
Read the scene – Briol is a good judge of social situations. If she can spend 3 rounds observing the social interactions in the room (she can do this while talking as long as she doesn’t invoke other moves) she can ‘roll +CHR’. On 10+ she holds 3, on a 7-9 she holds 1. For the remainder of the interaction, she can spend a hold to get answers to the following questions:

  • Who is calling the shots in this group?
  • What does person A seem to feel is the most important thing person B said? (Persons A and B can be the same person, but if not, answers are limited to the things person A heard. The answer can be “nothing seemed exceptionally important”.)
  • What is the relationship between persons A and B? (Friendly? Respectful? Adversarial? Etc.)
  • What is the subtext of this conversation?


  1. Page messed up a good deal for me when she attached that artifact irrevocably to the ship.
  2. I saved Mari’s butt by talking that group out of dragging her off.
  3. Lucky really kept that standoff on Olmayra from turning into a complete rout.
  4. Marris (mechanic) owes me for that box of surplus parts we left him the last time we were by.

Briol is 21. When she finished school at the age of 16 she had a fairly average score on most of her examinations – far too low to pair her with a house that matches her ambitions. Instead, she went to the Court and was able to secure a minor clerical position. From there she studied Court activities with greater attention than she had ever applied to her studies. She familiarized herself with each of the great houses – how they tended to invest, what risks they took, who they were willing to cooperate with, and where they sought to expand. After doing this for 4 years, she took her savings and procured transport to the Copper Spire cluster. This cluster had very little Jechetteri investment or activity. Her hope is to identify new opportunities there which she can leverage for membership in a great house. She dreams of making a discovery like Mierce and found a new wing of the Jechetteri financial empire, maybe even promoting a minor house to one of the great houses (and through this jumping to a senior position therein). She feels a more likely goal is to perform some significant service to an existing great house which will be sufficient to see her adopted. In the meantime, she is taking what work she can as a Reclaimer since this seems like the best way to identify opportunities towards either of her goals.

Briol Twenty-Third Bladebird

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