Marinna Von derLandegaanen

assassin, kind of


Eyes: Lazy
Hair: dark red cut short
Clothes: Simple
Body: Medium (5’ short)

max HP = 6+CON
Damage: d8

Rep to Protect (criminal lore+1)
Detect Traps (roll+DEX; on 10+ hold 3; on 7-9 hold 1; spend your hold as you walk thru the area to ask: Is there a trap here and if so what activates it? What does the trap do when activated? What else is hidden here?)
Sticky Fingers, Sticky Gears (roll+DEX; 10+ no problem; 7-9, you still do it but options offered)
Sneak Attack with melee weapon (choose to deal your damage or roll+DEX; 10+ choose two; 7-9 choose one of: don’t get into melee at all, deal damage +1d6, create an advantage +1 forward to you or an ally, reduce their armor by 1 until they repair it)
Pants on Fire (can lie about alignment)


Rations (5 uses, 1 wt)
Adventuring Gear (1 wt)
Dagger (hand, 1 wt)
Short Sword (close, 1 wt)
Revolver (near, 1wt)


Marinna Von derLandegaanen, as she will eventually tell the others (but before we start off), is the 13th in line of succession in her Royal family*. Almost all the royals get shipped off-asteroid to learn skills with which they are expected to come back. Being the 13th in line is unlucky** so they decided to ship her off to become an assassin, reasoning that she was likely to die anyway might as well get some good use out of it***.

In any case, she left her home around the age of twelve and apprenticed to various assassin guilds, which she was subsequently kicked out of for reasons she doesn’t really want to go into. She is good at poisons and potions, general fighting (particularly with a knife, but other things as well, and she carries a blunderbuss or similar), is ok at sneaking but not fabulous at it, and is pretty darn good with disguises.

Eventually she hooked up with a rather scoundrel-y crew and was in the process of getting the heck out of dodge after a job when something blew up the ship they were in. Fortunately they were near the Brasslight at the time and she was able to wrangle her wrecked-up pod toward it, then promptly fell asleep. She thought it would bump up into a service bot, who then would take her to the nearest hospital/chopshop/etc, but instead the Library-Bots from Content Not Found: page’s ship found her instead and decided that she would have to stay. None of the rest of the crew survived (that she knows anyway, it was in the newspapers that there were no survivors).

Content Not Found: briol-twentythree-bladebird saved her (and lords it over her) from being taken back home by some people who were talking about cold-cocking her and dragging her back. She’s not sure what Briol overheard with regards to why.

*actually 11 is unlucky in their lore but 13 sounds better since that’s what most people out here seem to use.

Marinna Von derLandegaanen

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