More Soli

More Soli (more-ay sol-ee) is one of those worlds in “the sticks”. It has a monarchy (though no qualms with succession by any gender). There is one Capital city which most people just refer to as the Capital, housing roughly 80,000 people and three smaller cities of approximately 20,000 each. These cities each have a niche market. Novi Sol sits at the edge of one of the main exports of this asteroid: a large salt flat. Magnee sits on the opposite edge of the salt flat, where it provides tourist options such as fine shopping, gliders, ballooning and bungee from the central support (described below). Lastly, Nyeva sits on the edge of a large manmade lake, created from the water-ice which made this asteroid originally interesting and inhabitable. There is still plenty of water, but the Solians prefer to hoard it and don’t export it.

This is a hollowed-out asteroid, with people living on the inside. Travels to the outer surface are uncommon but not unheard of, and it’s typical especially for those in their late teens to “Go for grounding” and walk on the surface for a few weeks while they think about what to do with their lives. Some families will take trips to the surface with children, akin to camping trips. Thus many have seen at least once in their lives both the stars facing outward and the strange central mass of weirdness, which probably has a name. Some people, however, never choose to go look, or can’t afford to do so. The spun-up asteroid has an artificial gravity of about 0.4 g on the inside; on the outside the opposite effect can sometimes induce similar feelings to vertigo or seasickness. (we are not going to think to hard about the gravity involved in this, mmkay?)

The Brasslight used to enter the asteroid through a series of locks and dock along the spin axis at the Capital. The spin axis has a support structure that runs lengthwise through the asteroid (which is longer in this direction than perpendicular to it). Radials reach downward from the support structure to the ground and a coupling device allows switching between the rotating rails and the stationary support easily. These are maintained by people.

The Solians officially recognize four genders: female, male, mixed, and agender, though all forms also include an “other” option for any who don’t feel those categories fit. The common pronoun of “they/them” is in use for everyone.

The monarchy consists of the people who first settled this asteroid, and the politics are fairly complex, involving Ducheys and similar in addition to the reigning monarch at the time. There is a parallel system of government as well, with a House and Council elected by the people. Often people in the monarchy are elected to positions within the House and Council, though it’s not always the case, with maybe about 30-40% of elected officials also being part of the general ‘royal’ blood. Part of this is simply because a lot of the population has ‘royal’ blood one way or another, whether recognized or not.

Mare Soli has been cut off from the Brasslight for about 8 years. At some point a band of hooligans (possible sponsored by their government? Or extorting the government? Or…? Rumors abound) took over three sections of connecting rail near to Mare Soli. Exports and imports still happen, and people do leave now and then, but the fees are high and mostly Mare Soli has become somewhat isolated. Marinna had already been well gone by the time this had happened.

More Soli

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